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January 2015 

The past few months made me realize that being a child of God does not indemnify one from bad things happening to you. The Word teach us after all that our struggle is not against flesh and blood; your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 

Fortunately can I also testify that whichever adversity or trauma one may suffer, God will be there every step of the way; every cry of distress will be heard and eventually when your heart becomes silent enough to realize that you are not alone, the Spirit will fill you with renewed strenth and peace beyond comprehension. 

This year a new TV series came my way. I am priviledged to present the programme “jou paaie se draaie” (“the bends in your road of life”). “Jou paaie se draaie” is very descriptive of the content of the programme. In this series I meet people from all walks of life; people who purposefully decided to make a positive turn in life and in the process not only enriched their own, but also the lives of other people. I was also priviledged to compose the theme song for the programme. The song is on my album “saam met jou” and it is called “jou paaie se draaie”. 

I am convinced that every person carries a need inside of him that wants to make a positive difference. To know at the end of one’s life that you did not merely exist, but you positively touched the lives of others. My experience is that we think only big projects and high profile people can make a difference, but in fact it is the total of all small efforts that makes a positive difference. Even something as small as a smile has a great impact in the life of the person on the receiving end. 

“Jou paaie se draaie” can be viewed on Kruiskyk channel (901) Open View HD – it is a free digital TV channel. 

May your road of life bend in a direction that will have a positive impact on others. 

December 2014 

Another year is taking a bow while the curtain for 2014 is closing. When I listen to the conversations going round, it seems as if most of us can look back at a very busy year. The demands of life accumulate in top gear and a day just does not seem to have enough hours to fit in everything. When I make this remark, it is not as a mere outsider; I also had to face a few of those time challenges that seem to become more and more part of our lives. The problem with stuffed time schedules is that we are so busy planning the next project that we hardly ever (so it seems) enjoy anything abundantly. We are never truly in the moment; we are constantly busy planning and rethinking the next thing in line. 

Dallas Willard, a respected American spiritual mentor, was very serious about knowing and teaching about the one component of man that is destined for eternity, but what we tend to neglect the most, the soul. A phrase that he used very often, is embedded in my mind: “you have to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” This does not mean that we are not suppose to be busy (after all, we all are busy), but it reminds us to abundantly enjoy what we are busy doing; to truly take in the moment, before our thoughts take off to the next project. I challenge you. The next time when you become aware of a hastiness that tries to overtake you, take a deep breath and purposefully set your mind on the positiveness within the moment. 

This month we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour !! A very special occasion on the calender of a child of God. Although we are constantly reminded in the Christmas message of peace on earth, it is exactly this time of the year when in the midst of a special moment or occasion I (most probably you too) get caught up in hastiness. This Christmas I shall endeavor to enjoy special moments to the fullest; the soft touch of my soul mate, the preciousness of friendships, the exuberant laugh of a toddler, the raindrops on my favorite rose in the garden, the gift of music and a thousand other things. I shall endeavor to glorify God in every moment, without being hurried to do so. 

Christmas time is also a time when most of us look forward to a long break away to recharge our life batteries or just enjoy our relationships with those people who God put in our lives. May you intensely experience the closeness of our Heavenly Father this festive season and follow in the footsteps of His Son who gave us the gift of eternal life. 

Click on my you tube video “voel jy Sy liefde” and enjoy the moment with me. 

Be blessed 

August 2014 

Technology surprises me daily. It sometimes feels unreal to be able to communicate and make contact with people this way. Suddenly the world becomes so much smaller than before and with the help of the technology, it is so much quicker to comfort a friend or even share their happiness. Thanks for visiting this webspace and by doing so, (thanks to technology) share in my ministry. 

Something else that seems unreal is the fact that this year already reached the month of May. Everywhere it seems as though everybody is in search for a little more time; a little more time because our days seem a bit shorter. In the process of hurrying, it becomes so easy to neglect special relationships or simply take them for granted. 

Watch the video clip posted on facebook 2 May 2014 

This month has a specific day on which moms of all ages are saluted; constantly being reminded that a mother has a very special role to fulfil in God’s plan. I am a firm believer that one does not have to wait for a specific day to spoil someone that you built a special relationship with, but it is a nice thought to have a day on which one can focus on special ralationships. 

Make this mothers day a special day in the company of your mom; also those who you regard as a mother figure to you and ..... if perhaps your mom’s place on earth is already empty - just relive her memory. 

Click on my you tube video “medals for mothers” and sing with all your heart .... 

”If there’s medals for mothers - ?? momma ... you’d win everyone!!!! 

Celebrate the gift of a special relationship with the person that our Creator chose to help shape your life. Happy Mothers day to every mom, young and old! May you be blessed! 

‘Till next time 


April 2014 

Easter is characterized by sad joyfulness. Sounds weird but the sad joyfulness is descriptive when one think of the sad event that took place at the cross and the joy that it brings to everyone who declares Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Every Christian knows that Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. On the third day after Jesus was crucified (which is remembered on Good Friday) He arose from the grave – an act celebrated by Christians during Easter. 

I have always had a centiment for simbolic connection and when Easter comes to mind, one could have a very long conversation on this topic. We can start by holy communion, unleavened bread, wine and so we can write down many symbols. What is the meaning of these symbols to us? The cross as a symbol will start a serious debate among different cultures, but as for me, the cross reminds me of the unselfish deed of Jesus Christ which gives everyone who professes Him as their Saviour, eternal life. I honour Him and praise Him for this precious gift!! 

A symbol that captures my attention this year, is the easter egg. Coloured eggs, chocolate eggs, jelly eggs, small eggs, large eggs and who knows what other kinds there are. My childhood enjoyment of the easter egg hunt is an event that I will always cherish. As a child I never knew how this tradition fits in with Easter, but I guess the beauty of being a child is that it did not bother me then; I simply enjoyed the fun. Today I’m happy to know that the egg simbolizes new life; beginning of something new and that is why I look at all the easter eggs on the shelves with another attitude. It is also told that early Christians would bring an egg to give their host on Easter, saying: “He has risen!” and the receiver of the egg would reply: “He is truly risen!” 

May every Easter egg you notice, make your heart beat joyfully, knowing that for each child of God a new life has begun in Jesus Christ, because He has risen! 

Feel free to contact me on for any queries regarding my ministry; looking forward to hearing from you. By the way, do remember to sign my guestbook on this webpage and if you have not liked my facebook page yet, please do so. 

‘Till next time ... . 


January 2014 

It seems like a blink of an eye ... and then the new year dawned on us. A new year in which I hope we can look forward to ample good news and positive stories. I trust that even the unknown that awaits in the new year will not derail us because we know that “we can do everything through Him who gives us strength”. (Phil. 4:13) 

Never have I dreamt that my music career of more than thirty years will still have new challenges in store. Using facebook was a challenge I explored and although I was very sceptic of this modern way of communicating, I soon realized that it is just another tool, God put in my hand to create opportunity for serving others and to keep in contact with those who make it possible to still, after all these years, call music my career. On this note ... thank you so much to every fan of my music – without you, my music ministry would have been a hazy dream. 

It is with cautious excitement that I think of my first newsletter that will see the light this year. My prayer is that this newsletter will not only be an information carrier, but that it would grow into something inspiring to everyone that reads it. If you would like to receive my newsletter, send your e-mail address to 

On a few occasions last year, I gave away cd’s via my face book page – join my face book community in order for you to stand in line when spoiling time comes around. 

Today I greet you with a blessing that you can view on YOU TUBE (click on homepage) 

Charlie Dicks – The Lord bless you. 

Carry this with you in 2014 wherever you may go. 


September 2013 

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to spring every year! The winter has its own charm, but the first summer rain that washes the winter dust away give wings to my happiness-butterflies. I sometimes look forward to spring so much that I easily confuse the smell of the last winter cold with the smell of rain in the air. Since childhood I knew that September welcomes a new season, but recently somebody asked if I knew that according to some scientific fact, spring only changes places with winter on the 21st of September. This was surprising news to me; to my advantage, I thought, because now I have reason to celebrate the arrival of spring, twice in one month and be reminded that everything is maintained by my Creator.. 

The competition on facebook was fun and well supported. The inscriptions were very original; I very much appreciate your participation. Congratulations once again to the winners. It is easy to become part of my face book community – just click the “like” button on the page.. 

With the trees budding and the cheerful looking blooms, we can certainly count on a spring shower to surprise us soon. Even with the season of out hearts can we always count on a spring that will arise after the heaviest of winter.. 

May your heart bear many blooms of happiness 


August 2013 

The pace that we have to maintain daily (not necessarily by choice), drains us in such a way that we do not reach the "quiet waters" as the Word tells us. There is always something that has to be done; another telephone call to be made, another unfinished task to complete, and more, more, much more to do before the people that we love and the things we like to do (sometimes even our Creator) gets a turn. Interesting enough; it is our Creator, the people that we love and the things we enjoy doing that add value to our lives, that falls last in the queue when we plan our days. I pray that God will lead me to fill my days in such a way that I will reach "quiet waters" in the midst of the hustle. 

Soon, I am going to spoil one of my face book supporters with a cd. Keep an eye on my face book page to make sure that you will be taken in consideration when spoiling time comes around. It is easy to become part of my face book community – just click the "like" button on the page. 

As I mentioned previously, there is a newletter in the pipeline and although the tempo of our life nowadays is intimidating, the technology on the other hand makes it possible to reach those outside one's immediate surroundings much quicker, to spread hope and encouragement. Make sure to let me have your e-mail address if you wish to receive this newsletter. You can also use the "email signup" function on my face book page to subscribe or you can send your address to 

May your heart lead you to "quiet waters". 

'Till we meet again over a cup of coffee 


June 2013 

I suppose that everybody, at some stage or other has felt that life's pace leaves you breathless. I endeavour to catch a breath in the company of my facebook community on Wednesdays with a fun question or a riddle or just something that occupies the mind. 

Feel free to take part; it is just for fun and after all, for that little while, it makes you forget about life's fuss. 

Part of the things that fills the spaces in my mind, is a newsletter that I hope to see in my outbox in the near future. It is an exciting feeling that come to life when one realize that God also utilize the technology to reach His creations. It will always be a privilege to know that God also use my music ministry as instrument to distribute hope and encouragement. Make sure to let me have your e-mail address if you wish to receive this newsletter. You can also use the 'email signup' function on my facebook page to subscribe or you can send your address to 

This month the dads get their turn for a day to be spoilt. Give this fathers day a bit of an extension with memories that will echo over and over through which he can experience that he is special, not only to you, but also to God. 

May God bless you so that you would want to bless those that surround you! 

'Till we meet again over a cup of coffee 

May 2013 

Thank's to all of you who have visited the "new" web page. The new addition is coming along fine and I am feeling more comfortable with all the new technology on my screen; my facebook community is growing little by little and I very much enjoy this way of interacting with all of you. If you have not visited my facebook yet, why not do so now. At the top of this page you will find a facebook flag; if you click on it, a page will open where you can click on the "like" button. I would like to keep in contact with you. 

The month of May arrived as usual; the month where a day is set aside to salute all moms. It takes my mind back to my own mom with whom I had a very special relationship until her lifetime on earth was over. It also brings memories of my very first number one hit: "Medals for Mother" which will always have a special place in my heart and my career. When I think about it, I come to realize that, as my biological clock ticks away, things that I sometimes experienced as obvious, nowadays seem to have more meaning, like the lyricks of "Medals for Mothers". Lately I see the song that has been part of my repertoire for so many years, not just as a song ... it is a little piece of my life. 

Spoil your mom this month (and every other month) with kindness from the heart and bless her with these beautiful words: 

"If there’s medals for mothers - momma ... you’d win everyone!!!!" 

Or better yet, invite her for tea and treat her to the song "Medals for Mothers" on youtube. 

'Till next time 


January 2013 

In the past I often realized that one only really appreciates something once you've lost it. My website was no exception. Circumstances beyond my control were the cause for my website being offline for the past 14 months, but luckily, that is something of the past!! 

The choice to read the web page in English is a new addition to the page. I hope that many visitors from other countries will visit the page. Recently a presenter from a radio station in Germany informed me that my music is playlisted on his country program, which I am very grateful for. Hopefully we might see a few messages from Germany on this web page in the near future. 

Another new addition to the web page is the Facebook link. It is no secret that I am not a technology fan, but with the help from my loved ones and a patient tutor, I'm sure that I will catch on quickly. Please tell all your friends to join. Ideas and recommendations from your side will also be welcome. 

A new CD is on it's way and should be ready for the market at the end of April. More about that next time. 

Something that’s new every morning is God's grace for you and for me. (Lamentations 3 : 22b & 23) Enjoy God’s grace in abundance ... it's free!!! 

'Till next time 


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