September 2013

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to spring every year! The winter has its own charm, but the first summer rain that washes the winter dust away give wings to my happiness-butterflies. I sometimes look forward to spring so much that I easily confuse the smell of the last winter cold with the smell of rain in the air. Since childhood I knew that September welcomes a new season, but recently somebody asked if I knew that according to some scientific fact, spring only changes places with winter on the 21st of September. This was surprising news to me; to my advantage, I thought, because now I have reason to celebrate the arrival of spring, twice in one month and be reminded that everything is maintained by my Creator.. 

The competition on facebook was fun and well supported. The inscriptions were very original; I very much appreciate your participation. Congratulations once again to the winners. It is easy to become part of my face book community – just click the “like” button on the page.. 

With the trees budding and the cheerful looking blooms, we can certainly count on a spring shower to surprise us soon. Even with the season of out hearts can we always count on a spring that will arise after the heaviest of winter.. 

May your heart bear many blooms of happiness 


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