May 2013

Thank's to all of you who have visited the "new" web page. The new addition is coming along fine and I am feeling more comfortable with all the new technology on my screen; my facebook community is growing little by little and I very much enjoy this way of interacting with all of you. If you have not visited my facebook yet, why not do so now. At the top of this page you will find a facebook flag; if you click on it, a page will open where you can click on the "like" button. I would like to keep in contact with you. 

The month of May arrived as usual; the month where a day is set aside to salute all moms. It takes my mind back to my own mom with whom I had a very special relationship until her lifetime on earth was over. It also brings memories of my very first number one hit: "Medals for Mother" which will always have a special place in my heart and my career. When I think about it, I come to realize that, as my biological clock ticks away, things that I sometimes experienced as obvious, nowadays seem to have more meaning, like the lyricks of "Medals for Mothers". Lately I see the song that has been part of my repertoire for so many years, not just as a song ... it is a little piece of my life. 

Spoil your mom this month (and every other month) with kindness from the heart and bless her with these beautiful words: 

"If there’s medals for mothers - momma ... you’d win everyone!!!!" 

Or better yet, invite her for tea and treat her to the song "Medals for Mothers" on youtube. 

'Till next time 


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