June 2013

I suppose that everybody, at some stage or other has felt that life's pace leaves you breathless. I endeavour to catch a breath in the company of my facebook community on Wednesdays with a fun question or a riddle or just something that occupies the mind. 

Feel free to take part; it is just for fun and after all, for that little while, it makes you forget about life's fuss. 

Part of the things that fills the spaces in my mind, is a newsletter that I hope to see in my outbox in the near future. It is an exciting feeling that come to life when one realize that God also utilize the technology to reach His creations. It will always be a privilege to know that God also use my music ministry as instrument to distribute hope and encouragement. Make sure to let me have your e-mail address if you wish to receive this newsletter. You can also use the 'email signup' function on my facebook page to subscribe or you can send your address to charlie@charliedicks.co.za. 

This month the dads get their turn for a day to be spoilt. Give this fathers day a bit of an extension with memories that will echo over and over through which he can experience that he is special, not only to you, but also to God. 

May God bless you so that you would want to bless those that surround you! 

'Till we meet again over a cup of coffee 

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