January 2015

The past few months made me realize that being a child of God does not indemnify one from bad things happening to you. The Word teach us after all that our struggle is not against flesh and blood; your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 

Fortunately can I also testify that whichever adversity or trauma one may suffer, God will be there every step of the way; every cry of distress will be heard and eventually when your heart becomes silent enough to realize that you are not alone, the Spirit will fill you with renewed strenth and peace beyond comprehension. 

This year a new TV series came my way. I am priviledged to present the programme “jou paaie se draaie” (“the bends in your road of life”). “Jou paaie se draaie” is very descriptive of the content of the programme. In this series I meet people from all walks of life; people who purposefully decided to make a positive turn in life and in the process not only enriched their own, but also the lives of other people. I was also priviledged to compose the theme song for the programme. The song is on my album “saam met jou” and it is called “jou paaie se draaie”. 

I am convinced that every person carries a need inside of him that wants to make a positive difference. To know at the end of one’s life that you did not merely exist, but you positively touched the lives of others. My experience is that we think only big projects and high profile people can make a difference, but in fact it is the total of all small efforts that makes a positive difference. Even something as small as a smile has a great impact in the life of the person on the receiving end. 

“Jou paaie se draaie” can be viewed on Kruiskyk channel (901) Open View HD – it is a free digital TV channel. 

May your road of life bend in a direction that will have a positive impact on others. 

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