January 2013

In the past I often realized that one only really appreciates something once you've lost it. My website was no exception. Circumstances beyond my control were the cause for my website being offline for the past 14 months, but luckily, that is something of the past!! 

The choice to read the web page in English is a new addition to the page. I hope that many visitors from other countries will visit the page. Recently a presenter from a radio station in Germany informed me that my music is playlisted on his country program, which I am very grateful for. Hopefully we might see a few messages from Germany on this web page in the near future. 

Another new addition to the web page is the Facebook link. It is no secret that I am not a technology fan, but with the help from my loved ones and a patient tutor, I'm sure that I will catch on quickly. Please tell all your friends to join. Ideas and recommendations from your side will also be welcome. 

A new CD is on it's way and should be ready for the market at the end of April. More about that next time. 

Something that’s new every morning is God's grace for you and for me. (Lamentations 3 : 22b & 23) Enjoy God’s grace in abundance ... it's free!!! 

'Till next time 


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