December 2014

Another year is taking a bow while the curtain for 2014 is closing. When I listen to the conversations going round, it seems as if most of us can look back at a very busy year. The demands of life accumulate in top gear and a day just does not seem to have enough hours to fit in everything. When I make this remark, it is not as a mere outsider; I also had to face a few of those time challenges that seem to become more and more part of our lives. The problem with stuffed time schedules is that we are so busy planning the next project that we hardly ever (so it seems) enjoy anything abundantly. We are never truly in the moment; we are constantly busy planning and rethinking the next thing in line. 

Dallas Willard, a respected American spiritual mentor, was very serious about knowing and teaching about the one component of man that is destined for eternity, but what we tend to neglect the most, the soul. A phrase that he used very often, is embedded in my mind: “you have to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” This does not mean that we are not suppose to be busy (after all, we all are busy), but it reminds us to abundantly enjoy what we are busy doing; to truly take in the moment, before our thoughts take off to the next project. I challenge you. The next time when you become aware of a hastiness that tries to overtake you, take a deep breath and purposefully set your mind on the positiveness within the moment. 

This month we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour !! A very special occasion on the calender of a child of God. Although we are constantly reminded in the Christmas message of peace on earth, it is exactly this time of the year when in the midst of a special moment or occasion I (most probably you too) get caught up in hastiness. This Christmas I shall endeavor to enjoy special moments to the fullest; the soft touch of my soul mate, the preciousness of friendships, the exuberant laugh of a toddler, the raindrops on my favorite rose in the garden, the gift of music and a thousand other things. I shall endeavor to glorify God in every moment, without being hurried to do so. 

Christmas time is also a time when most of us look forward to a long break away to recharge our life batteries or just enjoy our relationships with those people who God put in our lives. May you intensely experience the closeness of our Heavenly Father this festive season and follow in the footsteps of His Son who gave us the gift of eternal life. 

Click on my you tube video “voel jy Sy liefde” and enjoy the moment with me. 

Be blessed 

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