August 2014

Technology surprises me daily. It sometimes feels unreal to be able to communicate and make contact with people this way. Suddenly the world becomes so much smaller than before and with the help of the technology, it is so much quicker to comfort a friend or even share their happiness. Thanks for visiting this webspace and by doing so, (thanks to technology) share in my ministry. 

Something else that seems unreal is the fact that this year already reached the month of May. Everywhere it seems as though everybody is in search for a little more time; a little more time because our days seem a bit shorter. In the process of hurrying, it becomes so easy to neglect special relationships or simply take them for granted. 

Watch the video clip posted on facebook 2 May 2014 

This month has a specific day on which moms of all ages are saluted; constantly being reminded that a mother has a very special role to fulfil in God’s plan. I am a firm believer that one does not have to wait for a specific day to spoil someone that you built a special relationship with, but it is a nice thought to have a day on which one can focus on special ralationships. 

Make this mothers day a special day in the company of your mom; also those who you regard as a mother figure to you and ..... if perhaps your mom’s place on earth is already empty - just relive her memory. 

Click on my you tube video “medals for mothers” and sing with all your heart .... 

”If there’s medals for mothers - ?? momma ... you’d win everyone!!!! 

Celebrate the gift of a special relationship with the person that our Creator chose to help shape your life. Happy Mothers day to every mom, young and old! May you be blessed! 

‘Till next time 


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