August 2013

The pace that we have to maintain daily (not necessarily by choice), drains us in such a way that we do not reach the "quiet waters" as the Word tells us. There is always something that has to be done; another telephone call to be made, another unfinished task to complete, and more, more, much more to do before the people that we love and the things we like to do (sometimes even our Creator) gets a turn. Interesting enough; it is our Creator, the people that we love and the things we enjoy doing that add value to our lives, that falls last in the queue when we plan our days. I pray that God will lead me to fill my days in such a way that I will reach "quiet waters" in the midst of the hustle. 

Soon, I am going to spoil one of my face book supporters with a cd. Keep an eye on my face book page to make sure that you will be taken in consideration when spoiling time comes around. It is easy to become part of my face book community – just click the "like" button on the page. 

As I mentioned previously, there is a newletter in the pipeline and although the tempo of our life nowadays is intimidating, the technology on the other hand makes it possible to reach those outside one's immediate surroundings much quicker, to spread hope and encouragement. Make sure to let me have your e-mail address if you wish to receive this newsletter. You can also use the "email signup" function on my face book page to subscribe or you can send your address to 

May your heart lead you to "quiet waters". 

'Till we meet again over a cup of coffee 


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