April 2014

Easter is characterized by sad joyfulness. Sounds weird but the sad joyfulness is descriptive when one think of the sad event that took place at the cross and the joy that it brings to everyone who declares Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Every Christian knows that Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. On the third day after Jesus was crucified (which is remembered on Good Friday) He arose from the grave – an act celebrated by Christians during Easter. 

I have always had a centiment for simbolic connection and when Easter comes to mind, one could have a very long conversation on this topic. We can start by holy communion, unleavened bread, wine and so we can write down many symbols. What is the meaning of these symbols to us? The cross as a symbol will start a serious debate among different cultures, but as for me, the cross reminds me of the unselfish deed of Jesus Christ which gives everyone who professes Him as their Saviour, eternal life. I honour Him and praise Him for this precious gift!! 

A symbol that captures my attention this year, is the easter egg. Coloured eggs, chocolate eggs, jelly eggs, small eggs, large eggs and who knows what other kinds there are. My childhood enjoyment of the easter egg hunt is an event that I will always cherish. As a child I never knew how this tradition fits in with Easter, but I guess the beauty of being a child is that it did not bother me then; I simply enjoyed the fun. Today I’m happy to know that the egg simbolizes new life; beginning of something new and that is why I look at all the easter eggs on the shelves with another attitude. It is also told that early Christians would bring an egg to give their host on Easter, saying: “He has risen!” and the receiver of the egg would reply: “He is truly risen!” 

May every Easter egg you notice, make your heart beat joyfully, knowing that for each child of God a new life has begun in Jesus Christ, because He has risen! 

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